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Sublimation Transfers

How do I apply Sublimation Designs to my Coasters?
  • The same heat and press times apply to Coasters, as all other Sublimation Transfers (shown below). The main difference is PRESSURE! Be sure to use very light pressure when applying to Coasters. Normal, Heavy Pressure is needed for shirts and other substrates.
Can I apply these transfers to mugs and metal signs?
  • Absolutely! Keeping in mind the mug or sign will need to be pre-coated for sublimation use. There are a variety of sublimation items and all will work perfectly with these transfers! Also, when shopping, keep an eye out for any items that are a high polyester content or polymer coated - you will be amazed at how many everyday products can be sublimated like some rugs, blankets, pillows, towels, etc!
What shirts can I use?
  • We recommend the highest polyester content for the most vibrant results. 50/50 cotton/poly blend materials will work but designs may be more "faded" looking. The higher the polyester content, the brighter the image. For the absolute brightest results, consider using 100% polyester garments.
Can I use an iron to apply these transfers?
  • A heat press is required for sublimation transfers. This is due to the high heat and even pressure required.
Why does the transfer look dull on the sheet before pressing?
  • The transfer ink is only a carrier of the sublimation ink. Once the transfer is properly applied to the substrate, the process will make the colors full and vibrant. Keep in mind, the higher the polyester content, the brighter the results. 50/50 blend shirts will not be as vibrant as 100% polyester.
Can I machine wash and dry the shirt after the image has been applied?
  • Yes! You can launder with other clothing-no fading or color bleeds will occur. We recommend cold or warm water cycle. Machine dry normal; careful not to overdry.
We recommend:
  • 385°-400°
  • Medium to firm pressure (except Coasters)
  • 60-75 seconds
  • Use teflon sheet inside shirt to prevent color bleed-through

We ALWAYS recommend testing before attempting a full project to ensure your temperature, pressure and press time settings are the best possible. Once you have found the "perfect" settings, it isn't likely you will need to adjust any settings for future similar items. 

Sublimation Tips & Tricks:

  • Very light pressure is needed for Coasters so it doesn't compress the material. You may want to lay the top heat press platen on the coaster instead of locking it in place.
  • Pre-Coated Sublimation Blanks require same temp/pressing as textiles, although testing is very important before attempting a new project/material. Generally, the only exception to this is slate (or uneven surfaces), which requires a green conductive mat.
  • Use heat tape to hold image in place for pressing hard objects
  • If pressing to slate or other slightly uneven surface, use a green mat for equal heat distribution
  • If yellowing occurs, it is likely too much heat and the substrate was scorched. ALWAYS test before committing to a full project!
  • Some brands of shirts can have "sizing". This is applied during the manufacturing process and can result in abnormal color when heat is applied. Sizing can be removed; however, we recommend searching the internet for information on this. Typical, solid white polyester doesn't have sizing- it is mainly seen in some brands of raglans or light colored shirts. If you are new to this or have concerns, please google for more specific information!!

PLEASE NOTE: It is always a good idea to inspect all transfers before application. Ink can be on the edge of a paper due to the printing process so trimming around your design is a best method to avoid unwanted issues.