Sublimation Aluminum License Plate Blanks

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UV Plus+ Sublimation License Plate Blanks

Show your school spirit...boost your favorite team...or just create personalized tags for, well, just about anybody!

Whether it's patriotic, athletic, religious, or personal - our license plates can be customized to target any market, or just your friends and family. You create or, let your customers be creative!

These Sublimation Blanks are UV PLUS+ Coated and ready for you to apply your own image, logos or graphics.

  • High Gloss White with UV PLUS+ for Extended Outdoor Protection
  • Standard size for car/truck - 6" x 12"
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting
  • Back Side Brushed Aluminum - Won't rust, crack or peel
  • Professionally Applied Coating - not a "Primitive Roller Coat"
  • 0.5 in radius corners