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Now you can bring YOUR design to life in a Screen Print Transfer! Submit your "print ready" design and receive 1st quality, Plastisol Screen Prints right to your door, ready to apply to Cotton, Polyester or Blends. Ordering is super simple! Details about ordering is listed below.

  • NO set up fees!
  • Genuine Plastisol Screen Print Ink is used
  • Pick the color you want your design
  • Sold in convenient pack sizes
  • Sheet size: 9" x 12.75" - Standard Adult Transfer sheet size

Perfect for:

  • Office & School
  • Family Reunions
  • Benefits/Fundraisers
  • Small Businesses
  • Sports Teams & Clubs

Submitting your design: Once you have chosen the size, color and quantity for your design, add them to the cart and complete checkout. Next, send us an email to and attach your image to the email. We will link it for you and begin working on your Screen Prints! It's that simple!

Image file types: For the best processing results with fewest complications, we recommend you upload your file in PDF, SVG or EPS. We will accept PNG format but NOT JPEG. Things to keep in mind before submitting your design: the clarity of the Screen Print Transfers you receive depends on the quality of the design. Line thickness is very important! Each line within the design needs to be at least 2 pt. thickness. Thinner lines may not print, so to be sure each of your details are present, avoid very thin lines and make sure they are at least 2 pt. thick.  Negative space is the space between to parts of a design - example: = The amount of space between the top and bottom line in this example is considered negative space. Negative space needs to be at least 1 pt. thickness to give clear separation between the two lines. This applies to tiny lines in a design or to tiny circles, or other details. We cannot fix or adjust any designs and all designs have to be submitted ready to print. 

Design Size: All images need to be submitted in the size you are wanting. We will print EXACTLY as received. We cannot adjust or alter any designs, including size. The easiest way to double check your sizing is to open a sheet in your software, size the sheet to 9" x 12.75", and place your design on the sheet to get a visual of whether it will fit. Make any adjustments before submitting the file. If your design is submitted and doesn't fit the sheet selected, we will need you to fix the sizing and resubmit. This will delay printing of your transfers. 

Gang Sheet vs. Individual Design: A gang sheet can have more than one design per transfer sheet. An example: if you are wanting a full back design with a smaller left chest design - both printed on the same sheet for you to cut apart. You can also use gang sheets to have entirely different designs printed on the same sheet. All designs on a gang sheet need to be pre-sized and placed how you want them to print. Everything on that sheet will print exactly as submitted. We cannot alter or adjust any files.

An individual design sheet is exactly that - one design per sheet.  Please make sure (1) design is submitted for this option. Placing more than one design on a sheet will need to be purchased as a gang sheet or the order will be cancelled and refunded. 

Ink Color: You may choose any color ink for your Screen Print Transfer sheet. Only one color is allowed per design order. Available Colors:

Questions? If you have any additional questions about ordering custom Screen Print transfers, please reach out before placing your order! We want you to be successful with ordering your custom design so we can ship as quickly as possible! Issues with a design is the most common delay and we want to process your order as quickly as possible! 

Turnaround Time: All custom Screen Print Transfers can be expected to be delivered to your door in 7-10 business days from when the file is moved into production. Files can be moved into production same day if there are no issues with the design. If we run into problems with a design, we will reach out through email with suggestions of how to fix any problems.