Round Design Sublimation Transfers - Coasters, Door Signs, etc.

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We would be happy to provide you with Amazing Quality Transfers featuring YOUR picture or design! Perfect for family reunions, fundraisers, groups, teams and full color photo items! No custom creations are possible, we will print the image YOU provide.

No Minimum order

Choose the size perfect for your project!

Sizing Information:

  • 8" & 10" are now available for door signs & Wind Spinners!
  • Less than 2" - packs of two. Two of the same design will automatically ship.
  • 2" and up- sold individually

How to order:
Ordering is easy! Simply upload your design! Please monitor your email! If you upload a photo and we encounter trouble accessing it, we will reach out through email. If there is no email provided, we will cancel/refund that image and ship the remaining part of your order. No proof before printing will be sent. Please view your image carefully before submitting - it will print EXACTLY as submitted. Any backgrounds, borders, watermarks, imperfections, etc. will be printed exactly as submitted. We cannot alter or clean up any image. We will not remove watermarks or unwanted elements. We also reserve the right to cancel/refund any design that has watermarks.

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A PHOTO OF ANOTHER COMPLETED PROJECT. We do not recreate images; we only print images submitted "ready to print". Any color variation, backgrounds, watermarks or borders would also print. What you see on your screen of the photo is exactly what would print.

PLEASE NOTE: all pictures or designs should be submitted in the largest PNG format possible. Images are always clearest when scaled down and not stretched larger. If we have any concern over the quality, we will be sure to contact you-- we certainly won't print any image that we wouldn't be proud to stand behind! Designs are printed as received-- we cannot alter or add to them, other than scaling size. BE SURE to remove any unwanted background before submitting the photos. If your photo contains a black box, or any other background, that will also print. PHOTOS WILL BE PRINTED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED.

By placing a custom order and submitting the images, you are agreeing that you have permission to reproduce the image for your own use. Please be sure no items are trademarked or copyrighted; as any liability will be transferred to the submitting party. 

We will not resell or reproduce any image supplied to us outside of your custom order! The custom order you place is considered yours and not our property.

We will print nearly any image or design submitted; however, we reserve the right to cancel and refund any order. Curse words are not a problem.

All Custom Sublimation Transfers are printed to order... Please allow 3-5 BUSINESS days for shipping. If ordering other items, the entire order may experience this delay; therefore, it is recommended to purchase any other items separately. 

Be sure to double check spelling and placement of your design; also remove any unwanted backgrounds. They will be printed exactly as received; therefore, we cannot offer refunds for sheets containing mistakes. Also, if you are not proficient with sublimation, we recommend you test prior to pressing your custom designs. We cannot be held responsible for application error and will not issue a refunds for such.

ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS ARE ACCEPTED ON CUSTOM PRINTED ITEMS. If there is a problem with your order, please contact us. If it is an error we have made, we will absolutely correct any issue. However, ordering the wrong size or submitting a poor picture is not our error and cannot be refunded. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check your image before submitting!!! It will look EXACTLY as it is submitted.

Round Template designs are PERFECT for coasters!

Great for:

  • Coasters
  • Jewelry, Pendents
  • Key Chains
  • and MORE!

Apply to:

  • Neoprene (our brand)
  • Acrylic Sublimation Coaster Blanks
  • MDF, Hard Wood Sublimation Blanks
  • Metal Sublimation Blanks
  • Ceramic Sublimation Blanks

Sublimation Transfers: Perfectly sized for YOUR project! Apply these to Neoprene, Hardboard, Ceramic, Metal or Acrylic Sublimation Blanks. Create amazing Coasters, Key Chains, Ornaments and MORE! All designs will be printed with a  "bleed". This is a slightly larger area so you are sure to get full, complete coverage.

Our Neoprene Coaster Blanks are 2.75" and can be purchased  here: